A person can not establish his success without being honest to other people; a business can not prosper without being honest to its partners.Credit means honesty, being in good faith and being unfeigned.“Credit”is not only one of the important factors in ethical principles; but also one of the contenct in ethical cultivation.Trust is a kind of relationship and also the intangible asset of a person or an organization. Trust is commitment in front of ethic and law when a person or an organization seeks for practice; trust is also a mutual reliance relationship in existance;trust is the premise that two parties can establish mutual exchanging relationships.

“人无信不立,业无信不兴。” “信”意为诚实,讲信用,不虚伪 “信”既是道德原则的重要条件之一,又是道德修养的内容之一。信任,是一种关系,也是个人或一个组织的无形资产。



Enterprise values










Devoting to the research and exploitation of medical products,and retuming the society with
the high quality medical device,to be internationally competitive universal medical institution. << more

Enterprise spirit——

Fulfill the mission
pursue excellence << more

Concept of development——

Take advantage of the status quo and seize opportunities. << more

management philosophy

Absorbing wisdom in a democratic way and unifying the will with scientific decisions Standardize behavior with strict rules and create efficiency through flexible mechanlsms.<< more

Management concept

The pursuit of perfect integration of product sales process and market share results is the intemal requirement of 'maximize the potential value of the market'.<< more

——Training idea

Training is a high return investment.Deliver new knowledge and wisdom to employees,making ever employee an outstanding creator.That' s the enterprise values.<< more

——Recruitment idea

Seeking talents with sincerty is to attract talent with sincere attitude.Competition among modem enterprises is the competition of talents,who owns talent who has the competitive capital.<< more